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This isn’t your typical property management software. Our team of full-time developers has created a tool that gives you unprecedented access to your properties, 24/7.

Comprehensive maintenance updates.

Whenever a new maintenance issue is reported at your property, you’ll be the first to know. Follow along in real time as contractors, tenants, and Castle managers add comments, upload photos and documents, and resolve the issue.

Set rents and see your applicant pipeline.

When one of your properties is on the market, you can see exactly how many prospective tenants have applied, and what stage of the application process they’re in. You can also adjust rents with the click of a button.

Real-time ledger updates.

Forget about monthly statements: Castle ledgers are always up-to-date. See details of every rent payment, property cost, and payout to your bank account.

Works on every device.

Castle is a mobile-responsive web app. That means it works perfectly on whatever device you bring to the table: your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. We’re just kidding about the Game Boy, though.