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The Castle Story

Castle has its origins in the summer of 2013, when we bought our first rental property: the beautiful house you see above, in Detroit’s Virginia Park Historic Distric.

At the time, restoring this house was just a passion project for us. But as we got more and more embedded in the rental investor community, we kept hearing the same story: managing your portfolio yourself is a full-time job, but most management companies just don’t live up to expectations.

With high fees, low transparency, and unreliable service, they’re stuck twenty years behind the rest of the American economy. Even worse, by marking up maintenance and profiting from turnover and evictions, most management companies make more money when their customers’ returns go down.

We weren’t too thrilled about handing over the keys to our own house to a company we didn’t feel like we could trust.

And so, at the start of 2015, Castle was born.

Since then, we’ve become southeast Michigan’s fastest-growing management company, with 650 units under management... and counting! We’ve been recognized by Curbed, Fast Company, and Recode (among others), and featured in an award-winning documentary.

And we’ve been lucky to be backed by some fantastic organizations and investors, including Khosla Ventures, SV Angel, Y Combinator, and Venture for America.

Castle team working at Sister Pie Castle team at MREI
Steward All Hands Meeting at Castle

Our mission is to make renting out a property as easy as buying a stock, and renting a property as easy as booking a hotel. And with your help, we’re getting closer and closer to making that mission a reality.

--Max, Scott, and Tim

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