Meet the Team

Max Nussenbaum Castle
Max Nussenbaum

As CEO, Max’s job is to sell the vision: to customers, to investors, and to the team. Max also leads Castle’s design efforts, and is responsible for all of the hidden Mean Girls references on this site. In a past life, Max wrote fiction and musicals, and he was also once on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Scott Lowe Castle
Scott Lowe

Scott’s job is to leverage technology to solve Castle’s problems, and his roles include dev ops, sys admin, product management, and software development. Scott graduated summa cum laude from the University of Oklahoma, and spends his spare time riding bikes, making music, and reading about nerd stuff.

Tim Dingman Castle
Tim Dingman

Tim’s job is to define and refine the processes that power Castle, and to perpetuate the culture of feedback at the heart of the company. His passions include sustainability, philosophy, punk rock, and ultimate frisbee.

Barry Conrad Castle
Barry Conrad
Director of Business Development

Barry makes sure Castle is continually finding new avenues for sustainable growth and long-lasting partnerships. Outside of work, Barry enjoys hanging out with his cat Silas and scrolling through Google images of Ryan Gosling memes. He’d also love to sit down and chat with you about time travel if you have a minute.

Amanda Silver Castle
Amanda Silver
Detroit Head of Operations

Amanda’s duties include leading the Detroit management team, refining Castle’s management processes, and ensuring that property owners, tenants, and Castle employees are having a great experience. Amanda loves discovering cool podcasts, making her own pickles, and everything to do with the show Hamilton.

Sean Pennino Castle
Sean Pennino
Director of Product & Full-Stack Engineer

Sean tells computers how to do the hard stuff of property management. Prior Castle, Sean worked at an e-commerce company that grew from humble beginnings to meteoric success, and he’s confident Castle has that same potential. When not in the office, Sean enjoys rock climbing, making pizza from scratch, and contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

Jacob Smith Castle
Jacob Smith
Detroit Head of Business Development

Jacob is focused on growing Castle in the Detroit area. His idea of fun involves meeting cool people, exploring funky bars, tearing up dance floors, and daydreaming about space travel—but not necessarily in that order. He’s also the co-founder of The Returning Citizen, a hub of resources for formerly incarcerated folks and their families, and sits on the NEXTGen Detroit Board, a community-building organization.

PJ Duffy
Business Development Manager

1) PJ is an amateur woodworker in his spare time. 2) He is studying to become a master cicerone. 3) He once took a picture with Al Roker. Contact PJ to find out which of these statements is not actually true. While you’re at it, ask him about why you should use Castle’s property management services for your investment properties—he'd love to chat.

Felix Wong Castle
Felix Wong
Detroit Head of Stewards

Felix left his hometown of New York after graduate school to pursue his passion for real estate in Detroit. He applies his thirst for knowledge, hard work, and focus on providing the best customer service possible.

Tara Lanigan
Detroit Head of Contractors

Tara spends her days searching for the best contractors in Detroit and making sure current Castle contractors are doing their best work. She arguably has the most nicknames out of all Castle employees.

Linnea Whistler
Detroit Head of Legal

A lover of all things Detroit, Linnea moved to the West Village after graduating from the College of Wooster with a degree in Spanish and sociology. In her spare time she does yoga with her cat, Tallulah.

Kelly Kang
Detroit Head of Tenants & Applicants

After moving around her whole life (LA, Seoul, NYC), Kelly is thrilled to call Detroit her home. At Castle, she endeavors to make the rental process seamless for all parties involved. She loves film photography, the smell of books (as well as their contents), and drinking coffee.

Julian Capps
Account Manager

Julian’s role is to ensure that owners and tenants are having a simple and enjoyable time renting. His hobbies are surfing, working on bicycles, and reading and writing fiction. His passions are guacamole and rock & roll.

Bria Graham
Account Manager

Bria moved to Ann Arbor from Chicago and is now excited to be spending time in Detroit. She is dedicated to building relationships with owners and tenants built on mutual respect. Her hobbies include taking photos, watching bad reality TV, and screenshotting inspirational quotes and never finding anything to do with them.

Lauren Hoffman
Account Manager

Lauren is thrilled to be in Detroit and joining Castle in building the best possible property rental experience for everyone involved. She loves coffee, dystopian future plots, sending and receiving postcards, and exploring new cities.

Winson Law
Account Manager

Winson is committed to making the experiences of owning and renting a home better. Winson loves Detroit, maps, geography, and novelty. He also enjoys tidying, cooking, dancing, and chasing exercise-induced euphoria.

David Hirsh
Account Manager

David’s role is to make owners’ and tenants’ lives happy and easy. When not working to streamline the rental process, David enjoys exploring cities, playing ultimate frisbee, and riding his bike, as well as forging a new friendship with his roommate’s cat, Jane.

Monicah Kwamboka

Monicah considers herself a lifelong learner. A software developer by profession, she believes that the world's problems can be solved by innovation and creativity. Her interests lie in infusing art and design into technology. When not punching the keyboard, she likes spending time with family and friends.

Brian Kimokoti

Brian’s passion for automation led him to dive into the world of programming. He holds a degree in computer science from Multimedia University of Kenya and worked as a freelance developer, helping small businesses. His favorite dishes include fish, Ugali and Nyama Choma, and when he's not playing soccer, you can find him cheering for Manchester United.

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