1. Owner: The Owner (“You”) refers to the undersigned owner of the real property at the address listed below.
    Property Address: Your Address Here
  2. Company: The Company (“We” or “Us”) refers to Un Incorporated DBA Castle, with the mailing address listed below. (DBA stands for “doing business as”—Castle is our trade name. When we bill you or transfer you money, it will be from Castle.)
    Mailing Address: Castle
    760 Virginia Park St.
    Detroit, MI 48202


  1. Powers: By signing below, you employ us exclusively to operate and manage the rental property at the address listed above.
    That means we’re your only managers, and you give us the power to manage your property the way it should be managed. The Terms and Conditions stated below apply to Castle’s management of the above property.
  2. Termination: The Terms and Conditions stated below continue until one of us provides written notice of cancellation to the other.
    If you no longer wish to use Castle, just email us at support at least 30 days before the desired end date. We’ll prorate the management fee if the cancellation date doesn’t occur at the end of the month.

Terms and Conditions

The Owner hereby confers upon the Company the following duties, authority, and powers:

  1. Rent: We will collect rent for you and deposit it in a bank account of your choosing.
  2. Security deposits: We will collect, hold, and disburse security deposits.
  3. Service contracts: Sometimes, we need to sign contracts to keep your property in good order. We’ll execute contracts for utilities and services for the operation, maintenance, and safety of the property, as we deem advisable and/or necessary.
  4. Repairs and maintenance: It’s our job to coordinate repairs and maintenance. We’ll employ and supervise all labor needed to keep the property in good shape. We’ll take charge of repairs, decorating, and alterations, including buying any supplies needed.
    We’ll get your authorization for any and each expense over $350, unless the expense is monthly, recurring, or for an emergency repair.

    If we make a reasonable attempt to get your authorization, but you’re not around, we may spend more than $350 if we think that expense is necessary for the protection of the property from damage. We can also spend more than $350 for tenant services provided for in their leases.

  5. Disbursements: Every month, we’ll send you your rent money, minus any money we spend on repairs and maintenance.
  6. Records: We will provide records of any money we collect or spend on your behalf. If we spend more money than we collect on your behalf in a particular month, we may require you to reimburse us for the difference.
  7. Cancellation: We may cancel simply by serving written notice to you at least 30 days prior to the desired final date of management.

The Owner hereby takes responsibility for the following duties, authority, and powers:

  1. Fees: You agree to pay us the management fee listed below.
    Management fee: $79 per month per unit.

    If your property goes unoccupied for more than six weeks, we’ll waive our management fee until a tenant is found, as long as:
    1. Your property is in rent-ready condition.
    2. The property is listed at a rental rate that’s in line with our estimate.

  2. Agency: You recognize us as agent in any negotiations about the property which may have started while our agreement was in effect.
  3. Operating Costs: You are responsible for all operating costs of the property, including, but not limited to: maintenance and repairs, insurance, utilities not paid by tenant, and landlord attorney fees associated with eviction proceedings.
    You assume full responsibility for the payment of any expenses and obligations incurred in connection with us doing the duties described in these Terms and Conditions.
  4. Utilities: You must have all utilities turned on and in your name if your property is vacant.
  5. Large Expenses and Balances: You must pay directly for any expense or group of expenses totaling over $1,000. You must reimburse us for any balance over $1,000 on a ledger within one week of the balance exceeding that amount.
  6. Insurance: At all times during this agreement, you must maintain in effect a public liability insurance policy that names Castle as a co-insured (also known as additional insured) and covers losses related to the property in the amount of not less than $500,000 for single family dwellings and $300,000 for condominiums.
    You are responsible for initiating and executing insurance claims on damage to the property.
  7. Permitting: You must have all permits required to operate the property as a rental, including a certificate of occupancy, at the time the tenant moves in. We are not responsible for obtaining any such permits.
  8. Arbitration: All claims and disputes arising under or relating to these Terms and Conditions will be settled by binding arbitration in the State of Michigan in accordance with the rules set forth by the American Arbitration Association and the Michigan Association of Realtors. A court of competent jurisdiction may confirm any award of arbitration.
  9. Hold harmless: You agree to hold harmless from all damages or suits in connection with the management of the property described above, and from liability for injury suffered by any employee or other person whomsoever, and to carry, at his own expense, adequate public liability insurance and to name the Company as co-insured.
    We also shall not be liable for any error of judgment or for any mistake of fact or law, or for anything which we may do or refrain from doing hereunder, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

    If suit is brought to collect our compensation, or if we successfully defend any action brought against us by you, relating to the property, or to our management thereof, you agree to pay all costs incurred by us in connection with such action, including a reasonable attorney’s fee.

  10. Data and records: Sometimes, we need extra information about your property in order to manage it right. You agree to give us all data, records, and documents about the property that we might need to do our duties described here.
    We accept this exclusive employment and agree to use due diligence in the exercise of our duties, authority, and powers conferred upon us under these Terms and Conditions.
  11. Fair housing: Fair housing laws require the property to be shown and made available to all persons without regard to race, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or familial status. Local laws may further protect people based on creed, student status, sexual orientation, or age. It’s wrong to discriminate, and we won’t do it.

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