The Experience

Maintenance issue?
We’re on it.

Whether it’s a busted toilet, a broken window, or a leaky sink, our network of experienced contractors is here to help.

Even the best-made homes need occasional maintenance. When an issue arises, tenants can report it to us online, via text message, or over the phone. They can even include photos and videos to help us get a head start on diagnosing the problem.

Repairs Under $350:

We make the fix right away, then charge the balance to your account.

Repairs Over $350:

We get your permission before performing any maintenance.

No more guesswork: we provide invoices and photographs (where possible) of all work done.

Throughout the process, your Castle account gives you a detailed, real-time look at what’s going on.

Think of it like Facebook News Feed for your properties.

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Never worry about a maintenance issue again.

Enter your information and someone from our team will reach out.