Working With Tenants: We Handle the Hard Stuff

We know that many investors are hesitant to get started in real estate because they’re concerned about challenging landlord/tenant relationships. After all, we’ve all heard the horror stories!

While most landlord/tenant relationships go smoothly, there’s always the chance that conflicts will arise. That’s why having a property management company as a neutral intermediator is often worth the investment.

At Castle, we take care of every interaction with tenants, including:

  • Vetting applicants and showing properties
  • Reminding tenants when rent is due, and following up when it’s late
  • Responding to maintenance requests
  • Handling emergencies and 2 A.M. phone calls
  • Enforcing the provisions of a lease

If you’re hesitant to get involved in the messy, human element of real estate investing, rest assured that Castle can be here to handle the hard stuff for you. We’ll work to provide tenants with a great rental experience while letting investors focus on what matters to them.

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