Understanding Castle’s Pricing

Our pricing is designed to be simple, fair, and transparent, with no hidden fees or perverse incentives. To achieve these goals, we offer our customers a choice of three plans: Basic at $89 per unit per month, Pro at $99, and Premium at $149.

All of our plans include the same great property management services that have made Castle Michigan’s fastest-growing management company: property listing and marketing, tenant screening and placement, maintenance coordination, rent collection and real-time financial reporting, and compliance and legal services. They also come with access to your online Castle account, which provides real-time data on your portfolio. And all plans include our flat tenant placement fee of just $499, which is refunded if your tenant breaks their lease or gets evicted.

The difference between the plans comes down to the type of service that you’re looking for: whether you want Castle to be an assistant, working hand-in-hand with our team (Premium), vs. being hands-off and trusting us to do what we do best (Basic).

The Pro plan, which is our most popular, strikes a nice balance between the two approaches. In addition to our standard services, the Pro plan includes access to the Investors’ Dashboard, a new section of your online Castle account that provides high-level portfolio metrics like net cash flow and overall ROI. It also includes twice-monthly portfolio review calls with your dedicated Account Manager, who will set aside 20 minutes to personally run through the latest updates with your portfolio.

The Castle Investors’ Dashboard

For customers on the Premium plan, we boost the frequency of portfolio review calls to once a week, and we guarantee a 12-hour response time for all non-urgent customer support inquiries. (Urgent inquiries will be responded to ASAP.) We also offer priority phone support, which means you can skip the call queue and connect with your Account Manager right away.

Equally important as what’s included in our plans is what’s not included. You won’t find markups on maintenance, setup fees, or lease renewal fees in any of Castle’s plans.

Our pricing page has a detailed breakdown of our pricing, and more information on how we stack up to other management companies.

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