Your mission will be to care for our owners, tenants, and properties, thereby defining and refining our core business.

Owners trust us with their properties. Tenants trust us with their needs. As the Reeve, you will nurture the trust of both parties. Specific duties include customer onboarding, marketing and showing properties, moving tenants in (and out), collecting rent, and fielding maintenance requests.

More importantly, you’ll be responsible for improving all those processes. Castle is still young, and we’re always looking for ways to increase efficiency and transparency. In fact, our entire company is based on the idea that improved processes can transform this industry!

Practically speaking, you’ll be equal parts doer and thinker; one minute you’ll be coordinating repairs with contractors, and the next minute you’ll be contemplating how we can make coordinating repairs with contractors better. As the heart of the business, you will have a strong influence over what Castle (the product) looks like.

Of course, your role will surely evolve as the company grows. The stuff on this page is just a starting point.

You should be:
  • Detail- and process-oriented
  • A top-flight verbal and written communicator
  • Driven to make everything better
  • A good cop at heart, but a bad cop if need be
You’ll get:
  • $40k/year (ish)
  • 0.25–1% equity

Interested? Tell us why you want to join the team at Résumé not necessary.