Introducing the Applicants Tab

At Castle, our goal is to be the world’s most transparent property management company. Today, we’re rolling out an update that gets us one step closer to making that goal a reality.

The Castle app already offers a detailed window into your property’s maintenance issues and finances, but one piece of feedback we’ve heard repeatedly is that when a property is on the market, the picture of what’s going on is much vaguer. For many owners, the period in between when a property is listed and when it’s tenanted can feel like a black box.

With the new Applicants tab, we’re changing that. Starting today, when a property is on the market, you’ll be able to see a full breakdown of the applicants the property has received.


If a property isn’t renting as fast as you’d like, you’ll be able to get a better picture as to why. Maybe a lot of people are interested, but few are qualified. Or maybe many interested applicants failed to respond to our follow-up after a showing.

We look forward to giving you an even better look into your properties with the new Applicants tab, and as always, we welcome your feedback.