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The Deck We Used to Raise Our $270k Angel Round

by Max

We’re exicted to announce that earlier this month, Castle closed a fundraising round of $270,000 from a fantastic group of angel investors.

Raising money is hard, and for first-time founders like us, it can be even harder. Throughout our fundraising process, which lasted around five months, one thing that was especially helpful to me was looking at other companies’ pitch decks.

But aside from a few prominent examples, finding pitch decks can be really hard. Early on in our process, I was inspired by another deck to completely redo an early version of ours. But I only saw that deck because one of that company’s investors shared it with me privately.

We think this is a shame. So, in the spirit of transparency, we’re sharing the deck we used to raise our angel round. We hope it can be as helpful to other founders as seeing others’ decks was to us.

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