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Why do I owe more rent money if I just moved in recently?

When you move in, we prorate rent based on the move-in date. For example, if you move in on September 16 and your rent is $1,000, you would be living in the property for half the month and would owe half the normal rent amount ($500).

We always charge full rent on the first month, and prorate the next month’s rent. In the situation above, you would owe $1,000 for September rent, then owe prorated rent of $500 in October.

If your move-in date is near the end of the month, you may end up paying a little bit of prorated rent shortly after paying your move-in rent. For example, if you move in on the last day of September, we prorate your October rent to one day's worth. The due dates don't change, though, so you will owe the one day of rent starting on October 1st.