Why are there court fees on my ledger?   | Castle

Why are there court fees on my ledger?

Castle follows the standard eviction process to collect delinquent rent. When our lawyers go to court, their intention is to get a possession judgement for the amount owed, so that we have legal leverage to enforce the lease.

At court, unless there is an adjournment, the judge will add the court fees to the tenant's possession judgement. Castle will then add the court fees to both the tenant ledger and owner ledger. In order to avoid eviction, the tenant must reimburse you for the court fees, and pay their back balance.

Unfortunately, if there ends up being an eviction, and the tenant does not pay their judgement dues, then you as the landlord will bare responsibility for these fees.

If you believe there was a mistake on the tenant ledger or your ledger, please email us so we can follow up!