What is Castle's policy regarding emergency maintenance? | Castle

What is Castle's policy regarding emergency maintenance?

In emergencies, we may need to authorize a repair above our standard threshold of $350 without getting your prior approval. In general, these emergency repairs fall into two categories:

Protecting the property from damage

We'll authorize a repair above $350 immediately if it is necessary to protect the property from damage. For example, if a pipe bursts and water begins flooding into the home, we'll stop the flooding right away, even if we can't reach you first to get your approval.

Repairing habitability issues

State law requires every rental property to meet minimum standards of habitability. Since both Castle and property owners can face legal penalties if their properties do not meet this standard, we may authorize an emergency repair if it's necessary to keep the property habitable—for example, if a plumbing issue prevents a tenant from having running water, or if a furnace breaks in the middle of winter.

Here's the relevant section of our management agreement:

Repairs and Maintenance:​ It’s our job to coordinate repairs and maintenance. We’ll employ and supervise all labor needed to keep the property in good shape. We’ll take charge of repairs, decorating, and alterations, including buying any supplies needed.

We’ll get your authorization for any and each expense over $350, unless the expense is monthly, recurring, or for an emergency repair.

If we make a reasonable attempt to get your authorization, but you’re not around, we may spend more than $350 if we think that expense is necessary for the protection of the property from damage. We can also spend more than $350 for tenant services provided for in their leases.