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What happens when my property has a maintenance issue?

If a tenant notices something wrong with their home, they can notify us online or via our 24/7 phone hotline. We’ll notify you by email immediately when new maintenance issues at your properties are opened.

For repairs under $350, we’ll go ahead and address the issue on our own. For repairs over $350, we’ll get a quote and wait for your approval before proceeding. We work with a wide network of independent contractors, which allows us to get multiple bids for expensive work.

The Maintenance section of your Castle account will stay updated in real-time with the full details of every issue, including photos, bids and invoices, projected fix dates, and comments from contractors, tenants, and the Castle team.

If the maintenance cost exceeds $1,000, we'll encourage you to pay the contractor directly. Although we recognize that this is an inconvenience, this allows us to keep our own finances in order. If you prefer for us to send the payment, and you're not set up for auto-debiting, we'll require that you send us payment ahead of time via Paypal ([email protected]) or wire transfer (email [email protected] for the information!).