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How do evictions work?

We do everything in our power to avoid having to evict a tenant, but on rare occasions an eviction may be necessary. The cost for court and attorneys is usually $150.

Broadly speaking, the eviction process works as follows:

  1. File notice
  2. Get a court date
  3. Go to court (handled by our lawyers)
  4. Receive judgment

The judgment describes how much the tenants must pay to avoid eviction, which is usually the full amount of back rent, plus legal fees. If the tenant doesn’t pay what they owe by the time the judgment expires, we pursue the final steps:

  1. File for writ of eviction
  2. Receive writ of eviction
  3. Hire bailiff to remove tenant

If we do hire a bailiff to remove the tenant from the unit, it can cost you as the owner between $500-1,000, including a dumpster for the tenant's belongings and a locksmith to rekey the unit. Note that legally, we must hire a bailiff to remove the tenant.

Although the process is fairly simple, the wheels of justice turn slowly, and it can take a few months for the whole thing to work its way through the courts.