Put your properties on autopilot.

We take care of your rental property so you don’t have to.

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You can find us in the Detroit metro area, serving all of Wayne and Oakland Counties.

Simple, Fair Pricing

Instead of taking a percentage of rents, we charge a flat fee of $79/unit/month.

Unrivaled Transparency

See exactly what’s going on with your properties by logging into your Castle account.

A Full Suite of Services

From tenant screening to maintenance issues, we handle it all.

What We Do

Find, screen, and onboard tenants

Collect rent and security deposits

Coordinate maintenance and upkeep

Keep track of your property’s finances

Respond to tenant inquiries and emergencies with 24/7 support

Coordinate inspections, evictions, and other legal necessities

Like X-ray specs for your property.

They’re your properties—we just manage them. That’s why we let you see exactly what’s going on with them at any time by logging in to your Castle account. No more wondering what your property manager is doing or where your money is going.

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